About Industry Weapon

Our Big Why

We didn’t start off thinking we’d end up as the digital signage disruptor. Since opening our business in 2007, we’ve enjoyed our role as scrappy underdogs who fight to provide the best solutions for our customers.

It all started when we saw an opportunity to help our customers make sense of the digital signage landscape. There weren't many places people could go for transparent information about digital signage. We wanted to help them determine the equipment they truly needed - and prevent them from purchasing unnecessary bells and whistles.

Our driving force was to ensure our customers had access to information that gave them the ability to thrive now and in the future. Now, we educate our clients and partners about the right equipment and software. This innovation is what helps you stay relevant and ahead of the digital media curve.

We’re proud of our honest approach. It’s become our mission to fight for anyone who needs our help and support. Whether it’s gathering fresh produce to feed the hungry, showing solidarity in anti-bullying campaigns, or celebrating employee achievements - we take our role seriously.

Partner with us to battle digital irrelevance. We’ll fight for you.


Brian Kleijnjans

Director of Procurement and Analytics

Brian started at Industry Weapon seven years ago as the Operations Manager and has been in his current role for five years. His responsibilities include making sure customers get quoted the best possible price in a timely manner, and receive their licenses and hardware quickly.

Christian Armstrong

Director of Marketing

Christian has been with Industry Weapon since 2007 and has been in several roles including customer support and marketing. Now he manages marketing and sales engineering. Christian helps customers get the best in services and hardware recommendations, as well as access to helpful training resources.

Craig Hanna

Chief Operations Officer

Craig is responsible for operational leadership, product and content services and project deployment. He works with his team to deliver to the company’s high standards and to delight customers with an exceptional experience.

David Wible

Chief Executive Officer

David develops and implements programs that help customers battle irrelevance with their content delivery and digital signage. He created the Audience Engagement Framework, so customers can be successful with the digital media experiences they build for their audience.

Gary Thompson

Director of Player Development

Gary started in 2010 as a consultant. Since then he’s become a full-time employee - first as the Director of UX/UI and now in his current role. He oversees the development of all player platforms with the goal of providing customers with players that are easy to configure, and that reliably deliver content to all their screens.

Jordan Tsvetkoff

Director of Architecture

Jordan has been with Industry Weapon for 11 years. He’s in charge of new systems and existing systems architecture - and keeping everything to do with CCHD, player connectivity, and other cloud services functioning properly and efficiently.

Marcy Long

Director of Production

Marcy drives the strategy, roadmap and features of Industry Weapon products. She has a high impact on customers by making sure their deployments go smoothly and ensuring their expectations are always met.

Ryan Barlow

Director of Sales

Ryan manages sales, revenue, customer success and customer support. In his role he is entirely focused on customers by helping them grow, guiding them through complexities and ensuring their experience with Industry Weapon is enjoyable.

Wil Chufo

Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer

Will leads technology development, data center application and hardware management, stability and growth, internal IT, security and availability. He is constantly learning from customer feedback to improve Industry Weapon products.


If you want to work on projects that have a significant, positive impact on people’s lives…
If you want to work with a team of passionate, high-performing, talented people…
If you want an unprecedented opportunity to learn, grow, and develop yourself…
If you are looking for a fun, fast paced, meaningful career…
You’ve come to the right place!

Why Work At Industry Weapon?

  • It's a fast paced, energetic environment
  • We work with some of the biggest brands in the world
  • We have an impressive matching 401k program
  • We offer comprehensive health insurance benefits
  • We offer life insurance
  • Short term disability is available
  • Employees receive 3 weeks of paid annual leave
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