Jan 2, 2019

Retail Brand Deka Lash Gains Followers with Instagram Influencers

How to maximize your business reach and impact using influencers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, as explained by beauty industry leaders Deka Lash.

Deka Lash Uses Social Media to Boost Brand Recognition

Our latest Business Impact Workshop took us to Deka Lash, the quickly-expanding eyelash extension brand that owes much of their traction to social media. It’s no secret that Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the like are critical components to a successful brand in 2019 -- but understanding how to actually use these platforms effectively isn’t quite so simple.

Greg Forsythe is Deka Lash’s senior director of innovation and brand strategy. The importance of a role like this can’t be understated for a company that brand markets to Gen Z. The new influx of consumers has grown up on social media. They see right through inauthenticity, and, to be blunt, they have little interest in brands that don’t “get” how to use trendy platforms like Instagram.

It’s worth noting, too, that Greg has taken some cues from his own teenage daughter. Combining his first-hand research and business prowess has helped Deka Lash become a rising power player in the beauty industry.

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