May 30, 2019

Inspire Confidence Digitally With Every Monday Matters

Positive, motivating digital messaging is difficult to master. The CEO of nonprofit Every Monday Matters explains his team’s strategy for cultivating inspirational, meaningful work environments inside companies.

Every Monday Matters’ Positive, Inspiring Digital Messaging Builds Employee Confidence and Betters Brands

Typically, our Business Impact Workshops focus heavily on the “business.” But our latest installment centers squarely on that second word: Impact. During our conversation with Matt Emerzian, founder and CEO of Every Monday Matters, and David Angelo, chairman and founder of David & Goliath, statistics and percentages never made their way into the discussion.

It was all about people -- because while we often focus on the people who buy our products, the consumers, we tend to think less about the hardworking people who power our brands and propel our businesses forward.

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