Apr 29, 2019

Sprinklr Refreshes Visual Designs for Digital Displays

Sprinklr Understands Social Media

Whether you work in retail, restaurants or radiology, you’re not going to make it through a day without coming across digital signage. And while the near-universal integration of digital messaging is something we’re excited about, it comes with a caveat: Many of those displays showcase suboptimal content, ultimately undermining the entire purpose of their existence.

That’s a conversation well-suited for Sprinklr Display, which houses one of the world’s foremost digital signage design teams. For our latest Business Impact Workshop, we sat down with Justin Garrity, Sprinklr’s VP of User Research and Display, to talk about the state of digital signage and where it’s headed.

To see how your business can improve audience engagement and internal communications, grab a copy of Drive Social Media on Digital Displays.


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