Coronavirus (COVID-19)

A Message to Our Clients

As efforts concerning the containment of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) expand and evolve here in the U.S. and around the world, we want to assure you that we are focused on three things: 

  1. Ensuring the safety of our employees 
  2. Continuing to provide exceptional service to our customers
  3. Supporting local efforts to limit the spread and impact of COVID-19

We do not anticipate any interruption in Industry Weapon services. 

A significant number of our employees already work remotely, and we are fortunate in that our business allows us to easily transition to a remote workforce. This makes us confident in our ability to continue providing great service to you and conducting business normally. 

That means, among other things:

  • Your account will be accessible to you and your team as usual
  • Our account management, support and training staff will remain available for phone calls and emails. 
  • Helpful links Training Portal. Best way to open a Trouble Ticket
  • Our data servers, all of which are already remotely administered, will continue to operate without interruption  

In addition, we have created some COVID-19 specific messaging that can immediately be pushed to your account that reminds everyone of the basics we all need to apply in order to keep everyone healthy.  

Click here to access a brief form to request your preferred images and we will take care of the rest. 

If you would prefer to download and add the content yourself or don't have a CommandCenterHD account, you can click here to view the images and download them.

We know that many of you are dealing with these challenges in your own organizations as well as at home, and we’d like to recognize your efforts. Thank you for doing what you do and for inspiring us to persevere in times of hardship. As always, we deeply value your support, and you can be certain that Industry Weapon is here to support you.


David Wible, CEO