Every Monday Matters starts with YOU.
Join this unique community committed to making your Mondays matter just as much as you matter to us.

How We Deliver

To employees, your communications must be consistent, appealing, and autonomous. Digital displays allow you to deploy motion graphics, visualized data, and stunning messages in a way that can't be ignored. This program contains all the design elements, messages, and integrations needed to automate your employee engagement efforts.

Curiosity - A strong desire to know or learn something

Free Automated Content

Beautifully designed campaigns and motion graphics and are updated every weekday of the month, based around the Every Monday Matters weekly theme.

Everyone you meet is fighting

Daily Motivational Messages

Remind your employees why they matter with daily, motivational content provided by the Every Monday Matters team.

Step out and outside

Inspire Positive Action

EMM's content programs are designed to inspire and mobilize people to create positive change. One person, one Monday, one action at a time.

How We Ensure Success

Your long term success is our top priority. Our programs are designed to minimize your team’s effort, by providing FREE content feeds, FREE content maintenance and FREE 90 Day performance evaluations.

Content Stays Fresh

Content Stays Fresh

Establish your screens as a trusted source. When your content is fun, creates habits it makes an impact on the employee’s day.   Our free, daily updated content entertains and ensures that people keep coming back for more.

We Maintain the Program

We Maintain the Program

Need an update made to your program? You could log into our easy to use software and make the update your self but why deal with that at all?  Simply email, text or call our Concierge Pro team and we’ll make the changes for you!

Success Check-Ins

Success Check-Ins

We are passionate about your success with us day one but understand that continual improvement is what really matters.Every 90 days, we provide a Blueprint of where things stand and ask you to rate success and then work together to keep improving your program.

Free to Join + Support a Great Cause

Industry Weapon will donate a participation fee to Every Monday Matters on your organization’s behalf.
All proceeds will go to support the Every Monday Matters K-12 Education Program which currently helps over 1.5 million students know how much and why they matter.


*Player compatibility restrictions may apply. FREE content program requires valid subscription to CommandCenterHD and customer must be enrolled in and using our FREE Employee Retention Content Program.

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