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Stale content diminishes your message. Keep your digital signage relevant with a platform proven to engage.

Communicate with your audience through a platform that inspires action.

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Digital signage is only effective when the content engages your audience

We don’t expect you to be digital content experts. That's our job. Based on your audience engagement needs, we'll give you a roadmap for success.

Everything you need to develop, deploy, and automate your content can be managed in CommandCenterHD. Whether it’s for one screen in one location, or thousands of screens across the globe.


Need a Player or Have an Existing One Installed? - We've Got You Covered

Don’t you hate it when you have to upgrade hardware? Us too. This is why we’re hardware-agnostic. We’ll never sell you on equipment you don’t need. We’ll work with what you’ve got and turn it into a modern digital signage solution.

Embedded Devices

The IW-E Series gives you the screen and the signage player embedded in one device.

  • Simple Setup
  • Easy Maintenance
  • No need to purchase separate signage player
E Series Digital Signage Example in a Retail Store
External Menuboard Player

Performance on a budget. The M Series is best suited for basic signage applications where interactivity and minimal motion is required.

  • Supports most custom data integrations
  • Robust Device Management
  • Great for low impact signage applications such as menuboards
M Series Player Digital Signage Menu Example
External Player Devices

When you need a bit more storage or want to run robust content, it's time to upgrade to an external player. The IW P Series offers two tiers of external players for more horsepower and functionality across multiple ranges of digital signage.

  • Full support for custom data integrations
  • Robust Device Management
  • Full support for interactive content
  • Combo option allows for the MediaBridge and Media Player to live together on one device
P Series Player Digital Signage Example in a Retail Store
Video Wall Devices

If you require a video wall installation for your digital signage experience, the IW W Series can power multiple screens with complex layouts and resolutions.

  • Support for video walls of various configurations
  • Support for large-scale campaigns
  • Robust Device Management
W Series Player Video Wall Signage Example
Compare the Series Players
Security & Governance

Protecting your data is important to us, so we built our solution with industry-leading security standards and customizable access levels. Your IT department will feel confident in our network friendly platform.

PCI Compliant Logo

PCI Compliant

We don’t collect or store any payment information, but we went through the certification process to go above and beyond the accepted standard.

SOC 2 Logo

SOC 2 Type II

In April 2015, we achieved SOC 2 Type II certification before any of our competitors. This certification ensures our customer data is safe and secure. You can request a copy of our most recent report - just ask your account executive.

Users and Teams

User Profiles in Your Organization

Flexible Configuration

Administrators can grant unique access levels and capabilities for each user in your organization.

Authenticate with SSO

Our platform is compatible with Active Directory and SAML 2.0 SSO solutions.

Teams in Your Organization

User Groups

Create groups to segment your users by location, department or screen location.

Customizable Roles

Restrict what content and features your users and groups can access.

Data Security

Your data is safe with our industry-leading security. Our auto-engage content programs and cloud-based platform means you stay agile, flexible, and safe.


We enable encryption of all data in transit over public networks.

Data Privacy

We only use customer data to provide the service; our team doesn't access your account without your permission.

Data Ownership

Your data belongs to you. You can take your assets with you if you ever decide to part ways.

Privacy and Safety Features

We allow you to turn on and off privacy impacting features to meet your needs.

Physical Security

Our data centers are designed to adhere to industry leading physical data center security and environmental controls.

Data Usage

We never use your data for advertising purposes.

Data Recovery

We regularly back up your data and provide a maximum 24-hour RTO and RPO.

Database Security

We host your data within its own secure database.


Menu boards, social media displays, or digital office directories: our digital signage integrations play nicely with others.

Do you use Instagram or Facebook? Auto-engage with CommandCenterHD and amplify your posts. Our platform not only integrates with the popular apps you use, it also broadcasts their messages with professional design esthetics.

Use the data from your calendar and publish important dates and reminders. If there’s ever an emergency your alert system will broadcast to every screen. 

Digital Signage Menu Example of a Coffee Shop Menu
Menu Items
Digital Signage Example of Social Media
Social Media
Digital Signage Example of Foreign Currency Exchange Rates
Currency Exchange Rates

What else can you integrate?

Customer Management System
Sales Data
Conference Room Scheduling
Call Center Information
Loss Prevention Stats
Machine Run Time
Production Efficiency
Weather Satellite Imagery
Facebook Posts
Emergency Alerts
Image Slideshow
Breaking News Headlines
Menu Items & Inventory
Weather Conditions
RSS Feeds
SQL Databases
Google Maps
View All Content Integrations
“I have to tell you that my experience with your support team has been fantastic and the support they've provided has been world class!”

Every digital signage solution is unique. What does your business need to display?

We won't treat you like a number. Let's discover what makes your signage needs unique and customize our recommendations. Book your free roadmap meeting with us. We’ll map out your audience engagement needs based on where you are now and where you want to end up.

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