March 11, 2019
Product News

Digital Conference Room Signs are a Better Meeting Room System

Book Meetings with Room Reservation Displays

Tired of being interrupted during meetings? Tired of not knowing what’s going on in the meeting space when the door is closed? Sick of double bookings? Proper communication practices are vital to any organization.

Here’s the scary truth: the average employee attends 62 meetings a month, totaling 31 unproductive hours. Each is likely to waste $2100 to $4100 of the annual company budget on poor internal communications. This includes double bookings, missed or canceled meetings, and rescheduled conferences.

The conference room is one of the most important areas of any organization. That’s why organizations should give it the upgrade it deserves.

Meeting room digital signage helps companies clearly showcase current meeting information, including how long the room has been booked. The conference room sign solutions with touch capabilities can be used to do even more.

How does it work? Companies install a digital screen outside of each meeting room and connect the displays to a cloud-based CMS that manages directory and event integrations.

Automatically Claim Spaces on the Conference Room Schedule Displays

Ever need to find a vacant room for a last-minute meeting? It’s never been easier to book a room quickly from the touchscreen or to access the room’s schedule.

Users can either book a conference room on the interactive device, or do it from their personal device. Integrations connect screens with organizations’ existing scheduling system. Users can book rooms available from their calendar application, and the reservation updates the appropriate meeting room display in real-time.

Wow Meeting Attendees with Digital Meeting Signs

Innovative offices looking to modernize their office can also find a fix with digital room signs. Electronic meeting room signs displaying brand logos custom welcome messages impress attendees with this a noteworthy experience.

Digital signage customization options are endless, the software is designed to be hassle-free,

and the communication uses are far more effective than any other device. Enter the new year with a fresh hold on your communications. Whichever communication you seek to display, there is no doubt that digital signage will be worth the investment.


For users, Conference Room Solutions are a “one and done” situation. Once the solution is installed, it self-automates and updates. The solutions integrate with users existing meeting software to update information in real-time. When users change their plans or cancel the meeting, the display will automatically update.

Users are not required to learn how to use any new software. Conference Room Solutions work with users’ existing scheduling software like Google calendars, Outlook, MS Exchange 2010 +, Office 365, iCal, and text-based files.

The solution boosts modernization with conference room spaces without taking away from branding. By playing content with the company’s logo on the displays during the time slots when no meetings have been booked in the room. When meetings are in session, the logo remains at the bottom of the screen.

The digital signage based application modernize offices by bringing conference rooms into the 21st century with the visually appealing display. The solution is not only effective in communicating important meeting information but is also aesthetically pleasing.

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