October 17, 2018
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Digital Menu Boards are Right for Your Business

Digital Menu Boards Work for Everyone

Your audience demands the most up to date information and menu boards help you provide that to them.

You don’t need to run a cafe to take advantage of digital menu boards. Menu boards are for everybody. In fact, more industries are adopting menu boards now than ever before. If your organization has something to offer, you need an attention-grabbing dashboard to display this concise information.

Menu boards work for everybody. In fact, more industries are adopting menu boards now than ever before. The assets of digital menu boards reach far beyond restaurants. Salons, amusement parks, auto part stores, and more are using these menus to maintain a strong brand presence by incorporating brand colors and uniformed visual elements. Give your organization a contemporary experience and stand out from the competition.

  • Centrally manage content
  • Make updates on the fly  
  • Easily manage content via spreadsheets
  • Integrate with data feeds from existing POS systems
  • Schedule content based on times of day, week, or season
  • Keep employees informed of specials and training videos

digital menu boards
Digital menu boards display more than food items.

3 Ways Digital Menu Boards Help Business

1. Drive More Revenue

Menu boards ensure that the right products are displayed. Industry Weapon integrates the menu board with the point of sale or product catalog, making the solution a hands-off experience. Digital menu boards reflect changes to pricing, product inventory, and service availability in realtime. When customers are no longer advertised out-of-stock products, your reputation as being an organized, reliable business will lead to increased conversions.

The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles leverages an integration between Industry Weapon’s platform and their Vivonet point-of-sale system. This implementation has eliminated the need for daily content management and ensures that pricing changes and inventory changes are automatically reflected on digital menu boards.

2. Inform Your Audience

Not only can the solution handle product and service related promotions; it can relay special event information or company announcements too! Viewers are more inclined to take in messaging through a digital medium. Take advantage of their attention and slip in other, important bits of information. Keep your clients in the know about the happenings at your location and project an organized, relevant brand image.

Digital menu boards provide a contemporary experience for clientele, another aspect to set your location apart from the competition. They also maintain a strong brand presence throughout all of your locations by incorporating brand colors and uniformed visual elements.

The JW Marriott Marquis in Miami uses menu boards to provide guests  with the most up-to date details for events and event locations around their facility. Industry Weapon’s platform makes it easy for these facilities to keep event information up-to-date by integrating with systems such as Outlook 365, Exchange, Blackbaud, iCal, and even Marriott’s CI/TY platform.

3. Boost Productivity

We've already discussed the time saved by setting and forgetting the digital solution, but the benefits don't stop there! Imagine the amount of time you can save by setting up a sign once, and never replacing it again. Advertisement materials are pricey, they take a long time to create and obtain, and they are a pain to post on the wall. That saved time and energy can now be channeled into other areas of the business.

Leading organizations such as medical device manufacturer, AngioDynamics leverage menu boards to keep production line metrics top-of-mind throughout their facilities. Exposure to line productivity has in turn inspired healthy competition between plant workers, thus increasing productivity.

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