October 12, 2018
Digital Signage Tips and Tricks

Content Automation is a Breeze with Digital Signage Programs

Content Programs Let Your Digital Content Cruise Into Automation

You have a digital signage software solution, but are you keeping up with the content on the screens? Are you renewing and rotating the slides of your campaigns on a daily basis? 

Do you keep the weather and traffic reports updated in real time? No, of course not. Unless that is your full-time job, you're presumably changing content on a need-by-need basis.

Uh, oh... you invested in the solution to engage, inform, and entertain viewers. But right now, your content is boring them to death. 

Here’s the thing: hundreds of other companies are able to keep relevant content on their screens. They don’t have a digital signage content​ supervisor, they simply use the integrations.

Stale Signage is Hard to Digest 

When content isn’t updated daily, audiences become accustomed to it and ignore it entirely. At Industry Weapon, we know how powerful digital signage is when done correctly. That’s why we created our Content Programs.

“The reason why most digital signage deployments fail is because the content doesn’t change enough. Once the signs become boring, the entire infrastructure is a lost cause. We provide our clients with programs to keep their signage new and exciting without them having to do anything.”
- David Wible, CEO, Industry Weapon

What Are Digital Signage Content Programs?

Good CMS providers will give you content designed to attract and inspire your audience to act in accordance with your goals. No generic-ness involved! 

This content is meant for the user, specific to the user, to address their industry and audience engagement needs. Check this content program out to see what I mean. 

Curated Content Programs

Included in our subscription, users have full access to our Audience Engagement Framework based content programs that inspire action through communication. 

These are programs made up of curated content designed around our methodologies. Every content program is developed to provide a solution to a common industry problem. 

Designed to Engaged and Leverage Data

Program outputs are designed in-house by our creative team. Each layout leverages motion, eye-catching visuals, and provoking color choices. 

Therefore, apps are not required to be purchased separately. When an app fits the Program needs, it is included in the output at no additional cost to our customers. 

Why Are Integrations Necessary for Digital Signage?

So, what are Integrations? Integration technology employs users' spreadsheets and software systems to automate data into well-designed signage content. 

In short: integrations collect the information users want and display it to their signage. The best part is integrations automatically refresh each time a user updates their data source.

Integrations allow users to take full advantage of the programs they currently use to create engaging digital media. When done right, integrations not only keep content fresh, but also change the behavior of targeted audiences.

So what kind of data sources am I talking about? Well, most organizations already use data analytics to capture performance insights. Instead of creating charts, graphs, and emails to communicate any updates, the integration solution does it for them. 

You plug in your software information and the integration pulls in the content on its own. That means your signs refresh themselves. That’s the magic of technology!

3 Levels of Content to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Messaging

Our Content Programs provide clients with brand-new digital signage media each day. Audiences enjoy fresh content, eliminating the annoyance and wastefulness of re-watching the same information. 

1. Focus Content

Most viewers are primarily interested in what we call the “Focus Content.” Focus Content consists of information like important announcements, performance metrics, and executive messaging. When playing, the Focus Content utilizes most of the screen.

2. Anchor Content 

Secondary to your focus content is “Anchor Content,” which hooks and reels in any remaining viewers. Anchor Content is more engaging for a broader audience, a fundamental ingredient to digital signage success. Our anchor packs consist of several elements including date, time, weather, social media, news feeds, and fun facts.

3. Day Parting

Even with that much diversified content, we want to be  sure that no viewer feels like he or she is watching repeated slides. Our Content Confusion engine changes the positioning of the content throughout the day to keep your audience engaged. The same messages look unfamiliar to the viewer. 

Digital Signage Connects with Retail Software

Integrations are the easiest way to communicate company data to specific audiences, store employees, and upper management. Workforce Management (WFM) integrations allow retail employees to devote more attention to deserving customers. 

The digital content ensures they will not miss any important information from the company. Customers don't feel ignored by associates. Turnover rates decrease as both consumer and retailer reopen communication pathways. It's a win-win.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for sales per employees, financial goals, store performance, turnover, customer satisfaction, and labor expense are all displayed, instantly. 

Salesforce can share pipeline reporting, goals, and retention reports can integrate as well. Service desk statistics, safety incident reports, and production line status updates are all able to be published to the screens.

Digital Signage Safety System Integrations

We all know that emergencies often happen without warning. That's why companies need a medium to immediately send emergency alerts. While no one wants to think about these unfortunate occurrences, everyone must prepare. 

Businesses should have a clear, proficient plan of action for when disaster strikes. Digital Signage integrations help businesses prepare by providing communication onsite.  

Alert Integrations are vital in any emergency situation. When a predicament occurs, communication needs to be the first step. Digital signage acts as a fast, effective mass notification medium. 

Anytime the alert system is triggered by an emergency, the integration takes over the designated displays. The signs play an emergency alert and any relevant information, such as evacuation procedures. After resolving the situation, the signage returns to the regularly scheduled content.

Digital Signage Manufacturing Productivity Stats

Integrate with databases that track each step of the manufacturing process. Employees stay updated by viewing the information to the signs. Project managers save the time they would have spent gathering and sharing information by using integrations. 

Production metrics, inventory management, and machine performance can be updated in real time onto the screens. Watch our Business Impact Workshop with AngioDynamics to see how their digital signage has improved the entire business.

Push Social Media to the Screens

I see you posting those tweets. Take them to the signs, why don't ya? Social media easily ties in with digital signage. Whether customers have internal or external signage, they all enjoy social media integrations. 

Integrating digital signage with Instagram is an extremely helpful for using User Generated Content. Brands can create a hashtag campaigns that allow users to post their photos to Instagram. The integration pulls in the posts to the digital signs.

Digital Signage Feed Automation

Breaking news, RSS feeds, weather alerts - all of these sources provide a huge contribution to viewership rates. Audiences want visually appealing, stimulating, and relevant content from your signage.

Do you have existing data feeds that you would like to display on your signage? You have choices when creating dynamic content from popular data sources. 

Content engagement works best when audiences are exposed to a live, simple scroll of information. Feeds, like RSS, communicate bits of easy-to-digest content. 

This allows visitors to read multiple topics in a short period of time. Data feed integrations work in the same way; displaying bits of information perfect for on-the-go audiences.    

Grab Attention Effortlessly

Content can easily become boring and repetitive if it is not integrated correctly. Even the most dedicated content and communications team is going to have issues updating their digital signage regularly. 

Thankfully, the integration advancements make refreshing content much easier. Instead of creating new visuals based on your updated blog or spreadsheet, you can rely on digital signage Content Programs to do it for you.

Real talk: Integrations and feeds incorporate important data sources to digital signage campaigns. Take the task of creating this content off of your plate and let technology do it for you. 

Why waste your precious time? It’s a no-brainer. Contact your digital signage software providers and implement some content programs today!

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