May 28, 2019
Digital Signage Strategy

Positive Work Cultures Are More Productive

Great Company Culture and Business Growth Go Hand-in-Hand

Happy people, better profits. Sounds pretty good, right? Many executives have been slow to recognize that a positive company culture doesn’t just benefit employees: It contributes to healthier, more sustainable earnings.

Businesses across all industries have long struggled to figure out what, exactly, is the perfect recipe for a great workplace environment. Physical changes can go a long way; comfortable office chairs, inspired decor, perks like coffee bars and massage chairs, etc.  

But true culture is born from people themselves. No fancy products or cool perks can create the same genuine impact as real internal change.

“If we can make a difference in corporate culture and inspire people inside that culture to give their heart and soul toward everything they do there, the byproduct is going to be better products, better services, better relationships and a stronger bottom line,” said David Angelo, CEO of David & Goliath.

An awesome concept -- but how does it get put into action? It’s not easy to bridge brand-new connections, effectively bettering the relationships employees have with each other, with the company, and with themselves.

Workplace Competition is Pivotal to Success and Innovation

If monotony is the disease, boredom is the infection site. It all starts with a lack of interest; either the job got too easy, or the workflow decreased. Managers know that it’s a slippery slope once employees aren’t being challenged. Luckily, there is a cure for this infection- and it doesn’t come in a pill bottle. Workplaces with apathetic staff members just need to implement some friendly competition.

All business-minded people are comfortable with competition. The desire to create the best product, the best service, the best whatever, is what fuels leaders to barrel forward. We often don’t consider that that same competitive energy can be healthy between our own internal departments.

Let’s be clear: There’s a big difference between cutthroat struggle and friendly rivalry. We’re advocating for the latter, of course. Nobody wants your conference room to turn into a jousting match to the death.

Innovation Leaders are Improving Employee Morale

The smaller teams within Angiodynamics, a medical device manufacturer, managed to figure out healthy, productive competition in an incredible way. It happened organically, but in order to really work, managers had to get involved and continue fostering the energy.

On the production floor at Angiodynamics, the digital signage displays are customized for each separate team. All the production lines can see not only their own progress but also that of other departments. “‘Why are they green and we’re red?’” the company’s marketing manufacturer said, quoting his teams. “It sparks conversation about how they got there. It would become, ‘We’re 105%, they’re 110%!’

That excitement will normally naturally die out, so it’s important to add incentives: “Great, we’ll throw a pizza party or something! It promotes competition between line leads on the floor, which is great from a manager’s standpoint, that they’re driving that themselves.”

Competition Should Be Encouraging, Not Frustrating

Competitive energy can be a rush. Managers need to recognize that the drive to achieve goals should be motivating, not infuriating. The whole point of internal competition is to add some excitement to the day -- not to make it miserable.

It can be a tricky line to walk, especially when your teams are driven by numbers. Perhaps it goes without saying, but goals should always, in one way or another, be within reach. That might mean that goals are occasionally modified after bandwidth is fairly evaluated.

Competition, when it’s functioning correctly, will boost morale and a create feeling of team spirit to the workday. Don’t use it to create more work for your employees. Allow it to grow in a natural way, and then guide it with the right system of real, genuine rewards.

Consistent number communication is sure-fire tactic to speeding up productivity. Representing statistical information visually, and sharing data-based information in an appealing way has never been easier. So there’s no excuse to have bored, depressed employees. Up their game with a challenge, and keep them on their toes with numeric evidence that everyone can see.

Remember, you’re all working toward the same finish line, so celebrate when you make it there. (Gatorade shower not required.) Check out the Business Impact Workshop with Angiodynamics for the whole story.

Happy Company Culture Predicts Long-Term Success

We loved the strategy developed by nonprofit Every Monday Matters, which delivers concise, impactful messaging that, through various means, empowers people to find value in their lives and in their work.

Different businesses have different vibes. A laid-back company culture isn’t necessarily more enjoyable than a more buttoned-up one! If you don’t already have a feel for your employees’ personalities, and what drives them to work with you, it’s most certainly time to figure that out.

What about your company attracts applicants in the first place? Why do hires stick around? What pleasure do they derive from their careers? Understanding what makes your employees tick will help you to develop engaging, meaningful communications that speak to them on a personal level.

While some of your messaging will be more corporate, programming like EMM’s helps people reflect on and improve their own lives. Personal satisfaction is powerful. When people feel good about themselves, that translates into their work.

“If you can get someone to look at the challenges in their own life and see that they’re temporary, they’re not these things that are going to cripple them,” David said, “you can instill values that give them permission to believe they’re bigger than the challenge. They’re going to look at their clients the same way. So [business success] is a byproduct of what you’re doing on the inside.”

In addition to being aesthetically attractive, a great feature of digital signage is that it’s so customizable and adaptable. You can tweak accordingly, redesigning as necessary until you feel like you’re striking the tone that really encompasses and improves your company culture.

Now, Industry Weapon customers can take advantage of daily content provided by the EMM team when they are enrolled in our complimentary Employee Retention Content Program. Get your Every Monday Matters content!

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