Release Notes

release name

CommandCenterHD 17

Release Details:

Release Name: CommandCenterHD 17

Release Date: April 4, 2017

CommandCenterHD Version: 17.1.001

MediaBridge Version: 17.1.001

New Features in this Release:

Industry Weapon has launched the IW App Store! With this release, existing and new customers will be introduced to Apps right on their dashboard and navigation bar. The ability to install apps will depend on the subscription package and user configuration, but all existing modules will be displayed within your apps.

Key changes to note:

  • App Assets in Slide Editor
  • App assets available in TemplatesHD.
  • All existing modules remain now as Apps. New apps available in your store depending on account type

Introducing the new Industry Weapon Dashboard: all the same information, but delivered in a new and user-driven way that makes sense to each individual CommandCenterHD user. We have rearranged the navigation bar to keep all of your configuration, chat, and administrative settings on the right and kept all of your apps and content creation pages on the left. There is also a new dashboard view on your homepage that shows your recent apps, etc. 

Key changes to note:

  • Dashboard layout views.
  • Nav bar and info pane

Supported in this Release:

Support for Samsung Tizen and LG webOS 3.0Tizen features: vertical support (known issues: no sound)LG features: multicast, enhanced proxy configurations, enhanced video performance (BF and Red Core)

New Features/Bug Fixes:

  • Enhanced touch configuration
  • Site optimizations for enhanced speed for large deployments
  • Updates to diagnostics and utilization views
  • Slide activation toggle
  • Fixes to channel and Basic Fundamentals sorting

Feature Requests:

  • Save confirmation for editing slides
  • Full media name displayed in housekeeping/utilization view
  • Device serial number view for asset tracking

MediaBridge Features Include:

  • Bug fixes

Posted on March 14, 2017