Release Notes

release name

CommandCenterHD 18.1.003

Release Details:

Release Name: CommandCenterHD 18.1.003

Release Date: June 21, 2018

CommandCenterHD Version: 18.1.003

MediaBridge Version: 18.1.005

New Features in this Release:

  • SocialBuzz App
  • New views in System Diagnostics (Non Green View)
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Compute Module (NEC Edition) player support*
  • Faster Slide Editor load times
  • Cisco Edge 340 (IW Player G2) support

*Requires Raspberry Pi 3 Compute Module (NEC Edition) 

Bug Fixes and System Upgrades:

  • Fixed issue with Samsung Tizen connections
  • Fixed issue Previews in newer versions of Chrome
  • Fixed issue with ControllITHD Advanced Schedule not Saving
  • Fixed issue saving Slides in Bulk Edit
  • Variety of other bug fixes

MediaBridge: 2018.1.005

  • Cisco EdgeG2 Support
  • Variety of other bug fixes