Release Notes

release name

CommandCenterHD 17.1.003

Release Details:

Release Name: CommandCenterHD 17.1.003

Release Date: July 6, 2017

CommandCenterHD Version: 17.1.003

MediaBridge Version: 17.1.003

New Features in this Release:

Responsive header navigationNew screenshot ability available for certain device typesNew option to display System Diagnostics either top or bottom of the dashboardNew user report available for viewing and downloadAbility to filter and search devices or campaigns in RemoteHDAbility to sort and filter schedules in GlobalcastAbility to preview weather information (5-day) in the device setup page (new device or existing device)Ability to move multiple media items from one folder to anotherAbility to filter users as admin and non-adminAbility to display full URL in RSS Publisher appAbility to preview HTML content

Bug Fixes and System Upgrades:

Streamlined site performanceFixed a couple of issues in GlobalcastImproved language on warning and error messages in the slide editorImproved language for position and dimensions in TemplatesHD

MediaBridge Features Include:

Bug fixes

Posted on July 6, 2017